Blow Up

Photography Competition & Print Annual

Meet the judges

Derek Henderson

With Derek’s penchant for turning ordinary everyday scenes into mysterious beauty it’s no surprise he continues to work with leading ad agencies and magazines the world over.

Henderson’s varied subject matter is united by an approach marked by a kind of democratic naturalism, where all phenomena is given equal attention. Although variously described as anti-heroic and anti-iconic, Henderson’s interest in the ‘ordinary’ can be deceptive and his narratives often reveal themselves to be more complex and unsteady than they first appear.

Tamara Dean

Tamara Dean is a photographic artist based in Australia whose works explores the informal rites of passage and rituals of young people set within the natural world. Her solo shows based on this theme include Ritualism, Divine Rites, This too Shall Pass and Only Human.

Melanie Rodriguez

Melanie Rodriguez is a French photographer based in Paris. She has dreamy feel to her children's fashion photography, She shoots primarily on Polaroid film giving her images a softness, almost echoing of a time passed. Rodrigues has worked for fashion magazines such as Milk and Papier Mache.

Achim Lippoth

Achim Lippoth, born 1968 in Ilshofen, Germany. Achim has worked as a freelance Photographer since 1992, also directing commercial videos since 1998. Childhood is the central topic. His works are constantly on exhibition and regularly win international awards. The latest awards he got 2010 in Cannes and at the New York Festivals, current exhibitions took place in Galerie Paris Beijing (Paris), Shay Arye Gallery Tel Aviv and at Catherine Edelman Gallery Chicago.

In addition to it Achim Lippoth is founder and editor of “kid´s wear magazine”, which is published internationally since 1995.

Henrik Purienne

Henrik Purienne is a South African born photographer and film director currently residing between Cape Town, Paris and Los Angeles. Finding themselves in a sun-drenched fantasy – or perhaps, a reality too fanciful to believe – the allure of Henrik’s subjects is both innocent and provocative.

In 2010 he founded Mirage, an international fashion magazine for which he is now the CoEditor-inChief and Creative Director. Purienne, Henrik’s book of summer holiday snapshots, portraits and outtakes was published by Prestel Publishing (Randomhouse) last year.